What size E mountain bike do I need?

What size E mountain bike do I need?

Ebike Size Chart

Rider HeightSuggested Mountain Frame Size
Feet & InchesCentimetresFrame Size (inches)Frame Size (cm)Frame Size
4’10” – 5’2″148cm – 158cm13″ – 14″33 – 37X-Small
5’2″” – 5’6″”158cm – 168cm15″ – 16″38 – 42Small
5’6″ – 5′ 10″168cm – 178cm17″ – 18″43 – 47Medium
5’10” – 6’1″178cm – 185cm19″ – 20″48 – 52Large
6’1″ – 6’4″185cm – 193cm21″ – 22″53 – 57X-Large
6’4″ – 6’6″193cm – 198cm23″ – 24″58 – 61XX-Large

Key Takeaways

  • Properly sizing your electric mountain bike involves considering height, inseam measurements, and standover height to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Understanding the differences in sizing requirements for various types of e – MTBs is essential in choosing the right size for your body proportions and riding style.
  • Test riding different sizes and researching brands’ sizing options can help you find the most comfortable and efficient fit for your electric mountain bike.

How to Properly Size Your Electric Bike

Properly sizing your electric bike involves considering height and inseam measurements, standover height, and understanding the different types of bikes and their sizing to ensure you choose the right size for your riding needs.

Height Chart vs. Calculations

height chart can quickly show you which e-mountain bike frame size matches your body measurements. You look at the chart and find your height, then see the suggested frame size that fits you best.

Charts are easy to use and often found in stores or online.

But a calculation might be better for a perfect fit. You need your height and inseam length to use an ebike size calculator. The calculator does some math to suggest the right frame size.

This way, you get a more tailored fit than with just a basic chart. Now let’s look at different types of bikes and how their sizing works.

Rider Height (Feet & Inches)Rider Height (Centimetres)Suggested Men’s Mountain Bike Frame Size (inches)Suggested Men’s Mountain Bike Frame Size (cm)Suggested Women’s Mountain Bike Frame Size (inches)Suggested Women’s Mountain Bike Frame Size (cm)
4’10” – 5’2″148cm – 158cm13″ – 14″33 – 3713″33
5’2″” – 5’6″”158cm – 168cm15″ – 16″38 – 4215″38
5’6″ – 5′ 10″168cm – 178cm17″ – 18″43 – 4717″43
5’10” – 6’1″178cm – 185cm19″ – 20″48 – 5219″48
6’1″ – 6’4″185cm – 193cm21″ – 22″53 – 5721″53
6’4″ – 6’6″193cm – 198cm23″ – 24″58 – 6123″58

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Different Types of Bikes and Their Sizing

Electric mountain bikes come in various types, each with specific sizing requirements. E-MTBs typically need at least 2 inches of standover clearance for comfortable riding. Cruiser e-bikes may not require standover height measurement, so it’s essential to consider the type of electric bike when determining the right size.

Different brands and models also have varying frame sizes and handlebar heights, influencing the ideal e-bike size for your comfort and safety.

It’s crucial to understand that the sizing requirements differ based on the type of electric bike you choose. Whether it’s a mountain bike or a city cruiser, each type has its own specific measurements that determine the correct frame size, handlebar height, and standover clearance.

Why the Right E-Bike Size Matters

Choosing the right e-bike size is crucial for a comfortable and safe riding experience. Correct sizing ensures proper frame size, handlebar height, and standover clearance, aligning with your body’s proportions.

Understanding these factors helps prevent discomfort, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance overall control while riding.

The importance of finding the correct e-bike size can’t be overstated. Properly sized e-MTBs provide efficient power transferimproved handling, and better balance on different terrains.

Disadvantages of Choosing the Wrong Size

Choosing the wrong size for your electric mountain bike can result in discomfort and potential injuries during rides. Inappropriate frame size or handlebar height might lead to poor riding posture, causing strain on your back and shoulders.

Moreover, an ill-fitting e-MTB could affect your control over the bike, compromising maneuverability and stability on various terrains.

An incorrectly sized e-bike can also impact your overall riding experience by reducing efficiency and comfort. It may lead to decreased power transfer while pedaling, resulting in more energy expenditure for the same distance covered.

Additionally, if the standover height is not suitable for you, mounting and dismounting the bike can become challenging and unsafe.

Essential Measurements for Choosing the Right E-Mountain Bike Size

Measure your height and inseam to determine the correct frame size for your E-Mountain bike. Consider standover height as well to ensure a comfortable fit. To learn more about essential measurements for choosing the right size, keep reading!

Height and Inseam

To find the right e-MTB size, knowing your height and inseam length is crucial. The inseam measurement helps determine the standover clearance needed for comfortable riding. An electric bike with proper standover clearance ensures easy mounting and dismounting, especially during off-road adventures.

Using these measurements can guide you in choosing an electric mountain bike that fits well, enhancing your overall biking experience.

The height and inseam measurements are essential when using a mountain bike sizing guide or an e-bike size calculator. These tools consider your unique body proportions to recommend the ideal frame size for your electric mountain bike.

Standover Height

After understanding your height and inseam, the standover height is another crucial measurement when selecting an e-MTB size. Standover height refers to the clearance between the top tube of the bike frame and your crotch when standing flat-footed over the bike.

For electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs), it’s recommended to have at least 2 inches of clearance for a comfortable fit and safe riding experience. This measurement ensures that you can easily dismount and straddle the bike without any discomfort or risk.

When considering standover height, different types of e-bikes may have varying requirements. While cruiser e-bikes may not necessarily need a specific standover height due to their design, it becomes more critical for traditional electric mountain bikes.

Tips for Finding the Right E-MTB Size

Consider Your Riding Style, test ride different sizes, and research different brands to find the perfect e-mountain bike size for you. Read more about finding the right size e-MTB in our blog!

Consider Your Riding Style

When choosing the right size for your electric mountain bike (e-MTB), it’s essential to consider your riding style. If you prefer aggressive trail riding, a larger frame size with longer reach and slacker angles may offer stability and control.

On the other hand, for those who enjoy technical climbs or cross-country trails, a smaller frame with a more upright position could provide better maneuverability and efficiency.

Different styles of e-MTBs are designed to cater to various preferences, such as downhill racing, all-mountain adventures, or leisurely rides. Understanding how your riding style aligns with the specific geometry and fit of an e-MTB can help you determine the most suitable size for an optimized experience on the trails.

Test Ride Different Sizes

Test riding different sizes is crucial to finding the right e-mountain bike for you. It allows you to experience firsthand how each size feels and performs, helping you make an informed decision.

By test riding various sizes, you can assess factors like comfort, handling, and stability on different terrains – providing valuable insight into which size suits your riding style and body proportions best.

Remember that the goal of test riding different sizes is to find the most comfortable and efficient fit for your electric mountain bike. Take note of how each size affects your posture, reach, and overall control during the ride.

This practical approach will guide you in selecting the perfect e-MTB size tailored to your individual preferences and needs before making a purchase.

Research Different Brands

When researching different brands for your e-mountain bike, consider their sizing options and frame geometries. Look for brands that offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different rider proportions.

Pay attention to standover heights and handlebar heights as these can vary among brands. Additionally, read customer reviews and seek advice from experienced riders to understand how each brand’s bikes fit different body types.

Consider the reputation of each brand in terms of quality, durability, and customer service. Look for brands known for producing well-fitted electric mountain bikes with reliable sizing guidelines.

Take note of any specific technologies or design features unique to each brand that may impact the fit and comfort of their e-MTBs.

Understanding the differences between various e-MTB brands will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right size and weight for your electric mountain bike.

Final Thoughts: Importance of Correctly Sizing Your E-Mountain Bike

In conclusion, choosing the right size for your electric mountain bike is crucial for a comfortable and safe riding experience. Pay close attention to factors such as frame sizehandlebar height, and standover clearance when determining the ideal e-bike size.

Use tools like an electric bike size chart or e-bike size calculator to help find the perfect fit for your riding style. Remember that understanding the importance of correctly sizing your electric mountain bike can lead to a more enjoyable and efficient riding experience.

So, take the time to ensure you find the right fit for your e-MTB.


Make sure to choose the right size for your E-mountain bike so that you can ride comfortably and safely. Frame size, handlebar height, and standover clearance are crucial factors when determining the correct E-MTB size.

By considering your measurements, riding style, and testing different sizes, you can find the perfect fit for an enjoyable biking experience. Remember that finding the right electric mountain bike size is essential for a smooth and efficient ride.


1. How do I find out what size e mountain bike I need?

To find the right size e mountain bike, use a mountain bike size chart or an ebike frame size calculator that matches your height and leg length for the best fit.

2. What should I look at when choosing the right ebike size?

When selecting the right size electric mountain bike, check the electric bike sizing guide, measure your height clearance, and make sure you have a comfortable standover height.

3. Can I use a regular bike fit guide to choose my electric city bike sizing?

Yes! A regular bicycle size chart can help in finding the correct frame size for electric bikes because it’s similar to choosing a non-electric one; just be aware of any specific EMTB sizing chart differences.

4. Why is it important to pick the correct ebike frame size?

It’s essential to choose the right ebike frame size to ensure comfort, control, and safety while riding on various terrains.

5. Where can I get help measuring for an e-bike if I’m not sure about doing it myself?

If you’re unsure how to measure yourself for an ebike, visit a local bike shop where professionals can assist with measuring and provide advice based on an electric bike sizing guide or emountain bike geometry.

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